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Etched Memorials

preserve your cherished memories of your pets or loved ones

for lasting remembrance

Our pet or garden memorials are made of polished black granite and hand etched with an original piece of art.

The Process:

  • Provide a favorite photo of your pet or loved one
  • I do a preliminary sketch of the photo and lettering for you to approve and sign.
  • Once signed and accepted, I etch the black granite with a diamond tipped stylus. Etching is the process in which a series of small scratches or marks are made on a polished black granite surface.
  • After the desired amount of polished granite has been taken off or etched and the varying degree of tones established, the work is “sealed” with a coat of lithcochrome. Once the lithcochrome dries, it is scraped off with a razor blade to complete the work.
  • From the photo of your choice—you can also have name and dates added. Delivery to be arranged
6″ x 10″ x 2″ – 14 lbs. – Black granite – $150
10″ x 16″ x 2″ – 38 lbs. – Black granite – $250

Dan also etches black granite tombstones. 

If interested, please contact Roscommon, St. Helen Monument, Roscommon, Michigan at 989-389-4921 for sizes and prices.  Samples as shown below.

Dan etching black granite memorial
Dan etching on black granite monument
Dan etching on black granite memorial