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About Dan Feldhauser

a passion for art and the world around us


True passion comes from using your surroundings and putting energy into the efforts of other aspects of your life. For over a hundred years the Feldhauser family, of Crawford County, Michigan have done exactly that, using their surroundings to fuel their chosen professions and legacies. There’s Charles “Chuck” Feldhauser who had the ability to build anything he pleased from his wooded backdrop. There was Charles’ older brother Don, whose skill to memorize every nook and cranny of the old AuSable River led to three marathon championships. The days of woodsmen such as Chuck and Don have long passed but live on in the art of Don’s son, Dan Feldhauser.

A retired teacher since 2004, Feldhauser has not only sold his products as an artist but has instructed others on creating their own art. With a growing appetite for furthering knowledge in his profession he continues to study the very thing he has mastered, art. “I continue to pursue my art with classes at Kirtland Community College throughout the past several years,” Dan explained.

Dan Feldhauser, an artist in every sense of the word, grew up on the banks of the AuSable River and spent much of his adulthood mastering his craft. His use of “photo-realism” is infused with the very nature and environment that surrounded him his entire life. “Although oil is my preferred media, I continue to do charcoal and graphite renderings,” said Dan. His passion for the very landscape he grew up around can be seen in virtually every piece that Feldhauser does. Although a large majority of his art is influenced by these surroundings his ability to portray any image can be seen in his commissioned artwork, making his craft not only unique, but also versatile as well.

“My goal is to put forth a concentrated effort to capture a specific moment in time,” Dan explained. This moment in time can be as vivacious and full of life in Dan’s oil paintings of any landscape, or it can be as final and somber as the etched black granite cemetery memorials that have been a part of his professional repertoire. As Dan Feldhauser creates new works of art in his studio, he is surrounded by the numerous works of art from his past. Art being his true passion is now the very environment that encompasses him.